The Other Pneumoconiosis and Metals Related to Lung Diseases
Dr. Nurhan KÖKSAL, Dr. Servet KAYHAN


The accumulation of inhaled dust in the lung leading to pulmonary fibrosis is generally defined as pneumoconiosis. When the pneumoconiosis was first defined, it was known as the miner’s disease. But currently, it is seen in many workers employed in the nuclear, computer, space and several industries. The most common type of the pneumoconiosis is silicosis. Here in, we will review the other rare reasons of the pneumoconiosis. These are man made vitreous fibers, glass fibers (MMVF) or man-made mineral fibers (MMMF), talc, mica, kaolin, barium, graphite, hard metals induced lung disease, siderosis, welder lung, aluminum associated lung diseases, berilyosis and the other novel rare factors leding to pneumoconiosis

Keywords: Pneumoconiosis, vitreous fiber, mineral fiber, aluminosis, berilyosis, hard metal, siderosis
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