Global Climate Change and Effects on Occupational Health


The relationship between global climate change and occupational safety and health has not been extensively characterized. Current knowledge is very limited in many areas. Literature indicates that while climate change may result in increasing the prevalence, distribution, and severity of well known occupational hazards. However, since there is potential for interactions of known hazards and new conditions leading to new hazards and risks. Also, It should be noted the new risks in new professions (green energy). Surveillance may need to be augmented to identify climate-related occupational effects. In response to the impact of climate change, regulations in occupational safety and health and practice could include alteration of standards, modification of hazard controls, development of acclimatization procedures, development of new hazard control guidance, development of early warning systems and surveillance, and increased emphasis on prevention through design. In this section, the effects of climate change on health are discussed from the perspective of occupational health and safety

Keywords: Climate change, global warming, workers health, air pollution, enviromental health
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