Role of Physicians in Social Insurance Procedures: Assessment of Respiratory Functional Disorder, Compliance with National Regulations
Dr. Canan DEMİR


As a result of the increase in the prevalence of respiratory diseases, number of patients evaluated by Pulmonary Diseases Specialists is increasing day by day. A significant proportion of these patients may have temporary or permanent loss of function and those patients should also be evaluated in these respects in terms of different purposes. The legal regulations in Turkey are different for occupational and non-occupational diseases. Therefore, the important points in the evaluation of respiratory functional impairment were tried to be examined within the scope of the current legislation on this subject. The manuscript consists of three main parts: “Evaluation of Respiratory Functional Disorder in Occupational Lung Diseases”, “Evaluation of Respiratory Functional Disorder in Non-Occupational Lung Diseases” and “Impairment Assessment in Adults”. In summary, physicians have a key role in social insurance procedures. Since the steps such as diagnosis, determination of the severity of disease, detection of functional loss and establishing the association between disease and occupation usually require a high level of technical knowledge and experience, usually such procedures should be performed by more than one specialty. The ability of physicians to formulate health committee reports that are duly, complete and consistent with current scientific knowledge will enable the decision boards to make faster and more accurate decisions

Keywords: Assessment of respiratory functional disorder, disability, impairment
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