Anatomy of the Mediastinum
Dr. Murat KURU, Dr. Olgun Kadir ARIBAŞ

Abstract 10.5152/gghs.2020.027

The mediastinum is the space between the inner side of right and left pleura occupying the centre of the thoracic cavity. It contains vital organs such as heart and great vessels, the trachea and main bronchi, oesophagus, thoracic duct, thymus, vagus and phrenic nerves. It ıs surrounded by the sternum and rib cartilages in front, the lungs to the sides and the thoracic spine at the back. This region extends longitudinally from the thoracic inlet to the superior surface of the diaphragm. Although there are no physical barriers between compartments other than the pericardium, the mediastinum is evaluated based on subdivisions. Anatomists, surgeons and radiologists divide the mediastinum differently. Anatomically, the mediastinum is divided into two sectional planes between the Louise angle anteriorly and fourth thoracic vertebra behind. The region above this plane is upper mediastinum. The region under this plane is called inferior mediastinum and divided as anterior, middle and posterior mediastinum.

Keywords: Mediastinum, mediastinoscopy, anatomy, transverse thoracic plane.
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