Dr. Mustafa Vedat DOĞRU, Dr. Özkan SAYDAM


Pneumomediastinum (PM) is a clinical condition that we rarely encounter in our thoracic surgery practice. Pneumomediastinum means the formation of free air images in mediastinum developing spontaneously or due to an underlying cause. Especially in young patients, presenting to the emergency clinic with sudden chest pain or shortness of breath if there is no any findings for other disease pneumomediastinum should be kept in mind in the differential diagnosis. In the diagnosis, chest radiographs are generally sufficient but if pneumomediastinum can not detected by chest radiograph, chest computed tomography (CT) can be used. Chest computed tomography (CT) is also gold standard diagnostic method to evaluate the underlying etiology. Patients must be hospitalised for observation and follow-up at the time of administration. The cases of pneumomediastinum without serious underlying pathological events regress spontaneously with medical treatment methods. In prolonged cases, further examination and invasive procedures should be used.

Keywords: Pneumomediastinum, surgery, chest pain.
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