Vena Cava Superior Syndrome
Dr. Ayşegül YILDIRIM


Vena cava superior syndrome is the name given to the group of clinical signs and symptoms caused by the obstruction of the blood flowing into the right atrium through the superior vena cava. Extrinsic compression due to malignancies or benign diseases, direct invasion or infiltration of the vein wall, occlusion due to thrombosis in the vein lumen, or a combination of these causes superior vena cava syndrome. Tissue diagnosis is essential to determine the underlying disease. If there is no acute airway obstruction or increased neurological problems, it is not recommended to start treatment without tissue diagnosis. On the other hand, since the patients’ general conditions will deteriorate very quickly, diagnostic interventions should be done quickly. In this section, diseases, diagnostic methods, and treatments that cause vena cava superior syndrome will be evaluated.

Keywords: Vena cava superior, lung cancers, etiology, mediastinal diseases.
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