Thymoma Surgery
Dr. Cemal AKER, Dr. Celal Buğra SEZEN, Dr. Muzaffer METİN


Thymoma and thymic carcinoma originate only from the thymic epithelium. Thymic epithelial tumors are rare in the general population, and 50% of anterior mediastinal masses are thymic malignancies. Although they are the most common tumors of the thymus in adults, and their incidence is 1-5/100.0000 percent. The standard traditional approach for thymectomy in patients with thymomas is median sternotomy. Videothoracoscopic approach with developing techniques is increasingly used in early-stage thymoma and treatment of myasthenia gravis patients. Videothoracoscopic surgery is superior to open surgery for short hospitalization time, low intraoperative bleeding amount, and more satisfactory cosmetic results. In this section, the video thoracoscopic approach in anterior mediastinal malignancies is described.

Keywords: Thymoma, anterior mediastinal diseases, VATS, thymectomy.
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