New Developments in Minimally Invasive Treatment of Mediastinal Lesions
Dr. Ömer ÖNAL


The size of the lesion, localization and the state of invasion into the surrounding structures should be evaluated very carefully with imaging methods while planning the treatment of mediastinal masses. Open surgical techniques (thoracotomy, median sternotomy, clamshell, hemiclamshell) as well as minimally invasive methods (mediastinoscopy, anterior mediastinotomy, VATS, transcervical incision, subxiphoid incision, etc.) can be used in the surgical treatment of mediastinal lesions. In the literature, minimally invasive methods have been reported to have advantages such as less pain, bleeding, low morbidity and short hospital stay compared to open surgical techniques. Recently, the interest of many thoracic surgeons in open surgical methods has decreased, and minimally invasive methods have come to the fore. However, whichever method is preferred, it should not be forgotten that the main purpose is enoblock resection without compromising general oncological principles.

Keywords: Surgery, mediastinum, VATS
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