Mediastinal Hastalıklar Cerrahisi Meksika Deneyimleri
Gerardo Rea MENDOZA, Jesús Armando Estrella SÁNCHEZ, Manuel Gonzalez ORTIZ


Since the experience and evidence from various international groups have shown advantages in terms of morbidity and mortality using these techniques, in the last 20 years, minimally invasive surgical techniques have been implemented to treat mediastinal pathology. In Mexico, the most frequent mediastinal pathologies treated by thoracic surgery are mediastinal tumors, necrotizing descending mediastinitis and pericardial effusion. The little evidence reported denotes that historically open surgery (sternotomy and thoracotomy) has been the main surgical approach, although in the last 5 years, reports of invasive mediastinal surgery have increased, especially in the country’s capital. In this paper we will review the current management of mediastinal pathology in the world and Mexico, outline the difficulties faced by thoracic surgeons in Mexico to develop mediastinal surgery and the limited access to quality thoracic surgical for patients in almost all México, and describe our practice and experience in the management of mediastinal pathology detailing our team and working setup structure in western Mexico.

Keywords: Mediastinum, thorax, pathology, thoracic surgery, VATS, Mexico.
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